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Imperial Tobacco – The Fifth Major International Tobacco Manufacturer


Imperial Tobacco LogoImperial Tobacco (IT) is the fifth major international tobacco manufacturer with a well-balanced market presence and an exclusive portfolio of cigarette brands and smoking products over all tobacco categories.

Since Imperial Tobacco was established in 1901, impressive modifications have taken place in technological innovation, commerce and society. During these years the company has faced growth, diversity and rationalization, mergers, demergers and acquisitions. Read the rest of this entry


Virginia Super Slims “You’ve Come a Long Way, Baby”


Virginia Super Slims AdvertisementOne of the most well-known advertising campaigns in US history was launched in 1968 for the Virginia Slims cigarette brand.

“You’ve come a long way, baby” was the appealing slogan for a new, slimmer cigarette brand manufactured by the leading Phillip Morris Company and advertised especially to women smokers. The campaign, created by the famous Leo Burnett Agency, was extremely successful, both in commercial and cultural terms, turning into a national catch-phrase. Read the rest of this entry

Benefits of Quitting Smoking


Quit Smoking BenefitsSmoking is very dangerous, and the majority of people understand that by now. But instead of looking at the unpleasant consequences of cigarette use, it might help to look at the beneficial effects of quitting. A lot of smokers choose a poor health, but if you stop smoking right now, you can add many years to your life and the benefits of quitting smoking will appear almost instantly.  Read the rest of this entry

Philip Morris International


Philip Morris InternationalFamous tobacco manufacturer that is known throughout the world is, undoubtedly, Philip Morris. He began his business as a small businessman in Great Britain and these days, his company has one of the biggest shares of tobacco production in the world.

Philip Morris established his company in 1847. The first store was opened in London. At the beginning, he was just importing cigarettes and wasn’t engaged in their production.  Read the rest of this entry