Imperial Tobacco – The Fifth Major International Tobacco Manufacturer


Imperial Tobacco LogoImperial Tobacco (IT) is the fifth major international tobacco manufacturer with a well-balanced market presence and an exclusive portfolio of cigarette brands and smoking products over all tobacco categories.

Since Imperial Tobacco was established in 1901, impressive modifications have taken place in technological innovation, commerce and society. During these years the company has faced growth, diversity and rationalization, mergers, demergers and acquisitions.

Company’s brands and other tobacco products are offered in more than 160 countries. Its extensive geographic presence offers a lot of future growth possibilities across EU and non-EU markets. The major EU markets include such countries as France, Germany, Spain and UK. Among the leading non-EU markets are USA, Morocco, Australia and Russia.

Imperial Tobacco is the global leader in fine cut tobacco, papers and premium cigars, and moreover has an increasing snus business. Due to these exclusive overall tobacco approaches the company realizes to maintain its solid position. The most known fine cut tobaccos and rolling papers are led by widely recognized brands as Golden Virginia, Drum and Rizla. IT also manufactures a variety of mass market cigars.

IT’s world-leading cigar position consists of 50 % interest in Habanos, the major worldwide supplier of high quality Cuban cigar brands as Cohiba and Montecristo. As about snus, the most known brand is Skruf.

In 2006 IT acquired the global Davidoff cigarette trademark, which was the company’s’ long-term licensee since its acquisition of Reemtsma in 2002. Davidoff possesses a superb reputation, providing a three year compound annual growth rate in volumes of 6 %. For instance, in 2012 it volumes increased by 9 %, mostly boosted by the introduction of launch of Davidoff iD, a new king size cigarette range.

Cigarette brands produced by Imperial Tobacco:


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