Japan Tobacco International Celebrates Camel’s 100th Anniversary


Japan Tobacco International (JTI) will start celebrating Camel’s 100th anniversary in Latin America this month.

Camel100 Anniversary Logo

Celebrations will occur at duty-free areas like Mexico City International airport in Dufry outlets, Cancun airport in World Duty Free Group stores and Punta Cana airport with Duty Free Americas. Exclusive limited-edition cigarette packages and traditional Camel products displaying the 100-year anniversary design will be accessible across Latin America and with time all over the world. JTI has hired more than 20 international designers, painters, musicians and DJs to elaborate pictures and soundtracks for more than 100 original artworks for the “Remix” celebrations.

Camel Aniversary Design

Camel Centenary Camel Anniversary 2Camel Anniversary 3Camel Anniversary 4Camel Anniversary 5Camel anniversary 6Camel Anniversary 7Camel Anniversary 8Camel Anniversary 9Camel Anniversary 10

The vendor stated: “Camel’s centenary campaign, gives credit to some of the brand’s most remarkable past advertising campaigns by ‘remixing’ their images into completely innovative and modern demonstrations. The new designs speak out loud and link with the needs, interests and lifestyles of adult Camel smokers all over the world.


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