Why Celebrities Smoke Cigarettes?

Why Celebrities Smoke Cigarettes?

Images of celebrities smoking seem glamorous, irrespective of the scene in a film and thus it attracts teenagers. They are seen at events with a cigarette which prompts youngsters to do the same. The most popular cigarette brands they smoke are Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Salem, Spirit and many others, which already became a point of mass discussion.

Could it be that the celebrities on their own have been motivated by the glamour that was previously related to cigarettes? 

In the end, it’s not so long ago that everyone who was popular in Hollywood smoked and was rather proud of it. Cigarette smoking was considered glamorous and stylish.

For several celebrities – sick and tired of the continuous judgments and the cigarette pictures a sort of smoking challenge has crept in. As Gwyneth Paltrow one time stated, “I smoke and I am not going to quit!” Paltrow – widely known for lighting a package of Camel cigarettes per day – has only lately quit smoking.

Gwyneth Paltrow Smoking a Cigarette

Many celebrities continue with the smoking habit no matter what the outcomes and even if it affects their relationships. Probably you have heard that namely smoking was a bone of contention between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Brad Pitt many times has stated how much he disliked his ex-wife’s smoking habit. His opinion didn’t change Jennifer’s mind – as recent paparazzi photos demonstrate.

Jennifer Aniston Smoking a Cigarette

Also, famous top model Kate Moss is frequently photographed with her cigarettes and a lighter. As a super model it is perhaps not shocking that Moss still is able to show up naturally elegant and beautiful – at least for now. She definitely demonstrates no desire of wanting to quit smoking. Probably as many others in her world – she associates smoking with slimness.

Kate Moss Smoking a Cigarette

When celebrities do decide to quit smoking it is interesting that the reasons are very often not their looks. For instance, Catherine Zeta-Jones quit smoking as she didn’t want her children to start asking questions. Not as you could have considered – simply because beauty is her exclusive trademark and smoking would prompt skin aging and weaken her prospective to earn money.

Catherine Zeta-Jones  Smoking a Cigarette

No matter what reasons celebrities have for smoking or for determining to quit, the fact about skin harm and smoking hardly ever functions as a main factor in the debate. However they should do it. So the best advice for all celebrity smokers – continue smoking if you want but don’t count on your changing public not to observe the impact on your looks.


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