Marlboro Cigarettes – The Long Road to Success

Marlboro Cigarettes – The Long Road to Success

The remarkable Marlboro cigarette history started in England in1847. Initially this best-selling cigarette brand was focused at female smokers. Targeting at this market segment was not profitable, however in the 1920’s Marlboro decided to try promote these cigarettes  to female smokers in the United States. In this campaign it was pointed out that Marlboro is a Mild cigarette brand. This campaign extended into World War II when the brand was ultimately removed from the market. 

Women Advertising Marlboro Mild Cigarettes

In the 1950’s Marlboro was again launched on the market, this time after the stories about the harmful health side effects of smoking. At that time, the great bulk of cigarettes being sold were mostly non-filtered. Marlboro was a filtered cigarette, so this obviously was an effort to succeed over the health conscience crowd.

Marlboro Filtered Cigarettes Advertisement

Later on, during the 50’s, the manufacturer determined to stop advertising cigarettes for women and started marketing Marlboro as a man’s cigarette. The initial icon of this completely new change in advertising was the Tatooed Man.

Marlboro Tatooed Man Advertisement

Diverse pictures of healthy looking began appearing in advertisements. The images used in their advertisements advanced more and more into those showing mainly macho types. In the early stages, photos of naval officers and livestock ranchers created the advertising scene. In 1954, the currently famous Marlboro Man was introduced, and by 1963 was the only representative of Marlboro advertisements.

Marlboro Man Advertisement

Around 1972, Marlboro cigarettes grew to become the most favored brand, and have stayed so, for the most part since then.

The Marlboro brand is at this moment one of the top-selling brands of Philip Morris and is recognized throughout the world as the premium brand of cigarettes. It is offered in diverse kinds such as flavored cigarettes, menthol and light. It is preferred by distinct classes of both men and women – some consider they have attained a status that merits a Marlboro while other social admirers purchase cigarettes with the hope that someday they will be at the top. Irrespective of rising cigarette taxes, increasing cigarette prices and recessionary times, Marlboro cigarettes enjoys its popularity throughout the world and is not affected by any of the above factors. It is evident that Marlboro cigarette brand will continue to be the number one for some more years to come.

Some Changes in Marlboro Naming Scheme 

In August of 2006, a Food and Drug Administration decided that the names ‘Full Flavor’, ‘Light’, ‘Ultra Light’, ‘Natural’, or ‘Mild’ couldn’t be used. The judge claimed that these names were confusing to smokers.

So, Philip Morris has decided to utilize a color naming scheme for their tobacco products that formerly used the prohibited words in the name of their cigarettes. Considering that, they have agreed that:

  • Marlboro Full Flavor would be changed to Marlboro Red
  • Marlboro Lights would be called Marlboro Golds
  • Marlboro Ultra Lights would be named Marlboro Silvers

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