5 Things to Stay Away When Quitting Smoking


Things to Stay Away When Quitting SmokingQuitting smoking is a challenging process for the majority of people. A couple of people can quit cold turkey and not feel any withdrawal signs at all. But, for a large number of ex-smokers there are certain factors that must be definitely avoided, in order to proceed having the ability to say goodbye to the smoking habit.

Let us discuss the 5 things to stay away when quitting smoking.

Smoke-filled Areas

Being enclosed to a small space or room that is overloaded with cigarette smoke is just likely to make you crave for a cigarette. This applies to not only buildings, but also for automobiles. When you are with a friend or acquaintance who is lighting up in the car, politely ask to extinguish the cigarette or open your window. We truly hope that your friend will esteem your wants and simply wait to have a cigarette break later on.

Staying Together With Friends Who Will Pressure You to Smoke

The majority of friends should encourage your decision to quit smoking. There could be a friend who can’t comprehend the plan of quitting the habit and can’t recognize why you’d ever want to. They can continuously ask you if you want to light up cigarette or give you a puff of their own. You don’t have to be around such people, mostly when you have recently stopped smoking.


Smoking generally keeps your hands and mouth occupied, so the first thing people switch to when quitting smoking is a chewing gum. This also results in the consumption of candies. Take a candy each time you want to light up.

Eating to Relive the Boredom

A lot of people light up when they are bored. When people who mainly smoked because of the boredom choose to stop smoking, they are likely to lean more towards food. It happens as their hands and mouth don’t fully understand what to do in order to keep busy. Food can quickly become the new alternative for cigarettes.

Giving in to the Temptation to Smoke

For certain people, it only requires one cigarette to be hooked once again. Do your best not to give in to that bothersome temptation to smoke. Threw away any cigarettes you have hidden around the house so you won’t be lured.

I hope that these 5 things to stay away when quitting smoking will help you to be successful in your aim of stopping smoking.


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