British American Tobacco- “Born Internationally”


British American Tobacco LogoWell-known tobacco manufacturer that is widely known globally is British American Tobacco (BAT). “Born internationally” is the main company’s logo, whose origin goes back to the foundation of the company.

BAT was established on two continents United States of America and Great Britain in 1902. It was launched by UK’s Imperial Tobacco and American Tobacco Company of the United States. 

The given partnership provided peace between both tobacco companies, which ultimately decided that they shouldn’t operate on each other’s territories. To expand their revenue they determined to beat the trade markets of other countries agreeing to use each other’s cigarette brands on other territories in order to boost their trading abilities.

The joint company was led by James Duke – marketing professional of his time. It was him who created numerous advertising strategies, particularly for each country where BAT was releasing its marketing campaign. Apart from the advertisement, James Duke developed innovative approaches of work, which permitted him to significantly decrease the price of the cigarettes, maintaining the great quality of products. All those approaches offered fast growth and during the first decade of the 20th century BAT extended its trade market to Egypt, Netherlands, India and Malaysia. Within that period over 10 billion of cigarettes were sold. In 1920 United Kingdom half of the company determined to acquire the share of its American partner. Thus the company extended even more, attaining and winning such huge markets as Argentina and Brazil.

British American Tobacco succeeded to acquire the biggest share of the Brazil tobacco maker, converting the tobacco production of this country to be the largest subsidiary of BAT in the world.

Both World Wars improved the demand and sales of cigarettes, as a result thousands of women workers were hired to work at tobacco plants and satisfy the enormous demand in cigarettes for soldiers. During the war time giant cigarette manufacturer was selling over 20 billion cigarettes yearly.

Cigarette Brands produced by British American Tobacco:


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