8 Tips for Quitting Smoking


Quit Smoking TipsEvery smoker who wishes to quit the habit needs some tips for quitting smoking. First of all we shouldn’t judge them simply because everybody has unhealthy habits. We should admit that a lot of them are struggling very hard and it is very, very terrible since quitting smoking is really challenging. So, if you are going through this process, just keep in mind that it will improve.

Many of these tips for quitting smoking have helped a lot of people greatly, and I think they will help you too.

1. Do not Go Cold Turkey

There are plenty of tips for quitting smoking, lots of them are different, but if they are truly effective, then it is worth trying. One thing I would advise you is to not go cold turkey. It doesn’t make you stronger, it doesn’t make you more appreciable, and it even doesn’t make you a “considerably better quitter.” In fact it makes you much more irritable, indignant, annoying, and far more probably to give up. In addition, it can be hazardous due to the fact that you are absolutely eliminating a stimulant that you have been hooked on for many years.

2. Understand Why You are Quitting

Ask yourself, why do you want to quit? You need to understand your principal drive, simply because that will be what would keep you strong, when the going gets hard. Are you doing it for your health, because you want to have a baby, or for the kids you have now? Try to have a motivation, and ensure that it is strong enough.

3. Share Your Decision with Loved Ones

Even though you could be enticed to do this entirely on your own, maybe to stay away from any judgments or talks if you do not realize, don’t do it. Your loved ones need to know that you are quitting for several reasons. They will help you and one more thing is that while going through this difficult time, you might be grouchy and unpleasant, so they are worthy of a warning!

4. Involve in a Support Group

Besides your relatives, you will still need to talk to those people who are currently going or have gone through similar situation. Involving in a support group is extremely helpful. There, you get proficient support from people who comprehend your cravings.

5. Determine Your Main Triggers

What makes you smoke? When do you light up usually? Are you a social smoker who has a tendency to smoke after a few drinks? Do you smoke to get rid of stress or when you are arguing with your partner? You should understand what makes you smoke more, so you will be able to avoid those triggers. There are particular habits and activities you will have to keep away from for some time, particularly when you are just starting your difficult journey.

6. Don’t Punish Yourself for Backsliding

You will most likely backslide at least one time. Smoking is one of the most challenging things to quit, so understand that from the start. Even if you have great perseverance in every other sphere of your life, it could fail you here. And that is okay. Just begin once again when you make a mistake. It doesn’t mean that you are bad person; you are only human.

7. Find a Hobby

You need to distract yourself though. Usually engaging in activities that make you use your hands a lot absolutely work most effective. Knitting, learning to play an instrument, drawing, writing – these are all excellent choices. Just be sure that your hobby totally engages your mind and your hands.

8. Take Things Step by Step

Ultimately, just take things step by step. It could help if you imagine, “I can smoke a cigarette tomorrow.” Say that to yourself each and every day. This way, you can constantly have a cigarette tomorrow, but tomorrow, is always a day away.

Remember that the first three days are the most severe; once you get past the first week, it is less difficult, already after two; there is an end on the horizon.

Are you a smoker? If you have successfully quit, I would gladly hear your story.


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